Terms & Conditions

  1. GoBuyElectro does not guarantee data loss and 100 % data recovery. Data Backup is a separate paid service offered by GoBuyElectro, should customer desire to take on the service, it will be billed additionally. While, doing a data backup does not encourage backup of Music / Video files during its OS reinstallation or any other repair process.
  2. GoBuyElectro advices all its customers to retain original CDs/Licenses for any or all application Software /Licenses that are pre-installed on the gadget/ device.  GoBuyElectro is not responsible for any loss of installed application software during the process of repair.
  3. GoBuyElectro will carry the rights to replace the hardware spares with original / copy version as per the price approved and market availability.
  4. Please ensure for the Call Request Number mentioned in the Invoice while collecting your product.
  5. Please visit GoBuyElectro for about us, additional terms & conditions, privacy policy, terms of use.
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