About Us

GoBuyElectro is an Online Marketplace for selling and buying Box Opened, Certified Refurbished and Certified Used Mobiles & Tablets. All products sold on GoBuyElectro  undergo a rigorous Quality Checking process (QUTrust) and we provide extended warranty (which is managed by our partner Warranty Bazaar). We offer our buyers & sellers a convenient market place through our online platform. The sellers leverage GoBuy Electro integrated logistics support to open up a Pan-India Market & the buyers have a place to shop for bargains and be rest assured on the quality of the products they purchase.

What we offer

  • Extensive 75 point Quality Check for all products.
  • we provide extended warranty  – Box Opened/Excess Stock, Certified Refurbished and Certified Used
  • Cross-city transactions at a Pan-India level
  • Fully integrated Logistics support
  • Easy payment options (Online or Cash On Delivery)
  • Secure and hassle-free remittance
  • 3 day return policy
  • Online seller panel for managing transactions, products & inventory
  • Complete transparency in transactions
  • Help desk support (Toll-free access to Experience Centre, Online Chat and Email also)

Why are we selling?

GoBuyElectro caters to the inspirational value of the buyers who want to buy mobile devices at lower prices without compromising on Warranty and Quality. We provide a platform that brings about cross-city price parity by eliminating the drawbacks of Channels and existing Online practices of players like OLX & Quikr who do not provide Logistical support to enable cross-city transactions.





do the products come from?

In India 20-25 Million devices are returned to sellers every year. Some of which are Box Opened while others may be faulty. Faulty products are returned to the manufacturers and are refurbished by them. Thus is created a large cache of products that are either categorized as Box Opened or Refurbished.

Consumers tend to buy mobile devices every year but this does not mean that they scrap their old devices. These old devices have their own residual life and can be sold as Pre-owned.

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